The biggest problems in relationships

How’s your relationship going? How long you’ve been together? If your relationship lasts longer and you never stop arguing, that would be very alarming. Out of anger and frustrations, you will then have a big fight. When it comes to that, you seem to be fighting two things that most couples keep fighting. It’s intimacy and money.

Problems in relationship

Money serves to be the most common grounds for couples to always a big fight. Intimacy plays the same role in marriage. These two factors dramatically affect the relationships of two people who started their relationships with love, care, and devotion.

The biggest question is, why money serves to be the biggest problem in many couples? If going back to what the relationship started is m, money is not the issue at all. All they want from the start is to love each other after they have each other, things turn out into such a big mess because of money. What kind of change it is. It is expected for them to live harmoniously, but things are not according to what they wanted from the start of the relationship because of money matters.

Yes, we cannot deny the fact that we need money for survival, hence without cash, we cannot survive for everything we need like food, water, shelter, clothing needs money to get them. Those are the basic needs of people; thus, a shortage of supply with those needs will make people annoyed and mad. But things can sort out if you will only make some amendments with your partner on the best moves you two can do to make money, not an issue in your relationship.

The money would give so much value to your relationship if you were going to work on it as a team, not an opponent. Your relationship is not a competition that there’s someone who will win, but teamwork, working efforts to make things better, and things will work out according to your goals when you were started. To love each other in a way.

If and if couples have that vital connection to each other, things will work out, and money will not be an issue for couples and not become the biggest problem in each relationship. Cash is such a little value that people allows to navigate their entire relationship and allows it to ruin what is started so good to love. Money issues will cover couples’ possibilities to get going, making the relationship meaningful, and worth fighting for. Others do give up all because of money. Do not allow money to do it in your relationship; after all, love is so powerful over money. Love will conquer all the problems in the world.

being in a relationship is not an easy task

the moment you realize that you are in love

one of the most happiest moments in life is when you feel like you are in love. there is nothing in this world that can surpass that feelings. When you are in love it feels like you have all the reason to smile. for me being in love means that you are not afraid to take control of your life. That you are always willing to make things work for you. No matter what life means is being with someone gives you paradise. There are no words that I could ever describe during the time that I’m in love with my boyfriend now. the feeling that you always want to spend the time to him. To me being in love just brings colour to your life. You become a lot positive attract good energy with you. When you are in love it feels like you have everything in your hand because that’s what I felt before.

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it was a great sunny day when I was love at first sight. that is the first time i fall in love with a man so hard. To me that moment was incredible. it feel like I was floating. I never thought that i would fall in love because I don’t believe in it. But sometimes God has funny ways making us believe it. There is nothing in this world that can make us a lot happy than the love of our life. r o spend time with him everything seems to be great. I just want to see him every day of my life. He gave me anxiety. To me seeing him makes me blush and makes me feel shy.

when I am in love I could not help but make a move. I want to get closer to the guy so I made some efforts too. I befriended her mom so I got the chance to see him always. we have a close relationship with his mom and that was the start of our love story. every time I went in his home I make sure to look good always. This is the first time i always have this curiosity in my life. Love is a strong feeling it push you to become the best version of yourself. I become more passionate in things that I do. This time I am so motivated and inspired. Love result to a blooming personality and if that happens to you that means you are in love. To me I want to spend time the rest of my days to my love. finally he and I are together. through the years he finally see my value. it was because of him that I have a successful life today. sometimes love brings us closer to things that we always want. its the reason that we made it. Because of love there is nothing that we fear at all. To me love is the most amazing feeling in the world that we should not take for granted.

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A woman dumps a man for a variety of reasons

There are lots of things for a woman to be brave enough to let go of a man. what really matter is your happiness after all. they say that when a woman dumps her man she has been  through lots of pain and it should be enough. I think that being who you are makes you a lot better that is why leaving a toxic person is the least you can do. A lot of woman has been brutally abused and been hurt a couple of times. But this woman has never gave up that easily, they may be lost their patience and think of themselves which is not wrong at all.

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There’s a lot of possible reasons why a woman dumps a man and below are the lists of things.

1. Bad mouth a woman

Many men say bad things to a woman that leads to disagreements. it can cause a lot of trouble in a relationship especially if it too sensitive and harsh. Sometimes men’s mouth are very strong especially when they are angry and they tell bad things towards their girls that can hurt the most.


There are lots of men who come out abusive in the middle of a relationship. Abusive to the point of hurting their woman physically and it’s not new anymore. even in the past generations they see a woman as a slave but thanks today’s government that they are able to pursued a law regarding to a womans welfare. There are no women deserved to be hurt emotionally and mentally. These days a lot of men are becoming so rude even in front of peers or family making their woman look dumb.

3. Cheater

one of the most harshest thing in earth is being cheated on. one of the painful thing a woman can go though is being lied and cheated. A lot of men now a days especially in this generations has become to cheater because of a tempting world. with the use I many platforms to connect people, it becomes their way to cheat discreet.

4. No time and attention

Couples broke up because of lack of communication. we all know what communication really means at all. To me having a good relationship means you are able to meet time and attention for your partner. we all know that woman are really sensitive of time and attention. and if they feel that they are less priority they will shut you off in their life.

5. toxic

Woman looks for a man who is a goal digger and not a man with six packs. woman these days are more independent unlike before that is why they expect their partner to do the same thing and not just lie down in the couch. they look for a man who can be with her build a good future. A man that can handle responsibility and commitment. If you are not that kind of man better to change yourself because no girl would ever want a looks over an attitude in life.

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Why you shouldn’t make this mistake in proposing to her

Proposing to someone is probably going to be a one in a lifetime thing. it always helps to do it right the first time because there would never be a time to do it again once it all is done and over with. proposing to someone is always nerve wracking. There is a lot of pressure to the guy to do it right and there is a lot of expectations that would be crushed or exceeded. but it’s always nice to focus on the goal of making her say yes. it’s easy to get lost on what people any to do and what she would say of things does go wrong. the attitude of too much doubt is definitely one of the things that could make it harder than it has to be.

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when a guy is having second thoughts of doing it or not and he feels forced them that might means that he is only doing it half-heartedly and that is when things would not work out at all. finding someone is great. and proposing is a way to also show the appreciation that the guy has towards his lady. at the end of the day it should always be about her and not just to impress people. the problem with a lot of men who propose is the trap of overthinking every single thing. it’s definitely nicer to be the guy who is just doing things simple and not over think. whenever there is too much energy that is spent on worrying too much and thinking about what might happen. then that might just be the end of a successful proposal. it can be simple and intimate. trying to imitate what other couple are doing because it looks good might also be a recipe for disaster.

it might seem like simple and easy to do. but there might be a lot that has gone in to it. the worst mistake is to leak the secret to her before a guy ever has the chance to pop the question. the general rule is just to be silent. when a kid knows about a proposal before it has ever happened. she or he might just tell the lady and all of the effort and time in doing it would be wasted. it is the worst thing that could happen. but the answer is very simple. not talking about it too much is very important because secrets can leak easily and when she finds out she might just be forced to act surprise which can ruin any chance of success in proposing. it’s never going to be perfect. There is always going to be problems and setbacks that could happen. but sometimes a guy just has to be open about it and just do it anyway. There is never going to be a perfect time to do it. it’s just best to get it over with sometimes and not let time pass by.

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A single person might have found themselves longing for some company.

It’s easy to understand the feeling of loneliness when is single especially if it’s been going on for a very long time. There is a magic that happens when a guy has someone he can talk to and have fun with. Seeing other couples that are perfectly happy and people who are starting to have kids and make it really difficult for a guy to be happy. The worst thing to feel sometimes is to not have anyone there is especially when there are a lot of problems to deal with. It can make a guy feel like there is something that is wrong with her. It can turn then to isolation or worst. That’s why there is always going to be longing for someone when a guy is single because it’s tough to be alone in life. the mind can play tricks and can definitely make it worst.

Moments that feel you are single like

There is also a lot of insecurity in being single especially when he is already an adult. People have expectations and they have already been used to the fact that others always have a girl or a family at some point. they do not really understand if want to hear what might be the reason why a guy chooses to be single. there are also lots of people out there who enjoys the feeling of being single. That might come with experience or trauma because they had to deal with a very complicated and worst kind of relationship before. dealing with life and relationships can mean a lot. When a guy is also used to the fact that there is a lady in his life all of the time and she just recently left him. That is hard to deal with and the feeling of longing can be twice as hard. being left by a lady at a very bad time in life is one of the hardest things to deal with.

But being affected by the judgment of other people and what they think is right would only make it worst. there is always going to be opinion that can really hurt and it just makes it worse than it has to be. But life is different from each other. some guys just find love in a very later part of life. Feeling lonely because a lady has not arrived yet or made herself known is really not that uncommon. It’s a natural way and need for a guy and feeling bad about it should never happen. Sometimes the right person will only come at the right time. And when that happens a guy better show the growth and happiness that he always has. Because experiencing being single for a very long time can toughen up so many people. It’s one of the best things that a guy could ever hope for. at the end of the day it’s just one of the best things to have a woman around all of the time.

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female prisoners’ rights

the fact is that many more women is getting in to prison for all kinds of crime compared in the past. many women that are in the prison are also victim of their own environment. they are the ones who have been abused physically by their husbands or have children that they have to take care of and they can’t even do that because they are incarcerated. it is harder for women to deal with being in person that is why studies shows that they are most in need of psychological care than most. but it is a luxury that not a lot of people have. some just have to deal with it and try to over on with their lives. it might be hard but they just have to deal with it. that is why it is very common for a female prisoner’s prisoner to spiral down out of co from because of the depression that they have in their lives and the problems that they have to deal with at the end of the day.

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but it does not really make people care about them more. it is a hard thing to be imprisoned while having children out side. it can cause mental disorder that a lot of people just do not know how to relate. that is why women should have the right to proper mental care because they fall in to the darkness much quicker. there are also more and more female crimes that are happening because of drug addiction. it can force them to steal and do crazy things especially in the rural areas. there is not a lot of help when they get to prison other than forcing them to stay away out of drugs. is the most help that a prison can do to a woman? but even though female prisoners do not have a lot of luxury. they are protected by a lot of laws like sexual harassment especially to the male officer.

it can’t be help that they can be tempted in trying to make a move on a female prisoner especially in an unpleasant way. the law protects women from that kind of behavior especially from the people who are detaining them. they are also entitled to having the proper medicine to whatever they are feeling or sick of. female prisoners also have the right to a decent place to have lunch or have a decent room to sleep in. it needs to be clean and respectable rather than a dirty canteen and a dirty yard to exercise or have a fresh air. they have a lot of basic right that has to be respected. failing to respect that would just be breach of law. but that does not mean that a lot of female prisoners are having a good time in prison. they are still a lot of problems and would make them cause more pain to themselves if they do not have mental health checked. it is very hard to deal with prison without having a strong stomach and a way to learn to deal with problems.

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The prison of women for being women.

There are a lot of unsaid things that can make a woman feel trap in society. There are general thoughts that people seem to think that women should do, and in the long run, it can make it a prisoner in her life. People seem to believe that it is always important for a woman to look a certain way. It is hard to be the one who is different because there are plenty of looks and words that people can say that would cause a lot of disappointment in her life. It can be a lot for a woman always to try to look functional and beautiful ball of the time. Men do not realize how much time it can take and sacrifice to be fair.

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It can be challenging not to cave in; that’s why a lot of women can be a trap and be prisoners of what society wants them to look like. It is just not looking but how the way they should react. When there are a lot of expectations, and a girl might be overwhelmed by it. It can quickly become a prison in her life that would make it more difficult for her to be happier than ever. It is quite difficult to always say yes all of the time just because of somebody’s gender. That can be very dangerous when it comes to working. There are many expectations that a woman has, and saying no, especially to a boss, is very difficult to say. Time and time again, there is always going to be someone who gets through challenging times because she cannot say no and was forced to do something that she does not want to do. Living as a woman can be hard because there are so many prisons that can let a girl lose control of her happiness.

No one wants to be in jail. Society can take a grip of someone and make it very difficult for her to function well in life. There is too much that can go wrong sometimes, and it is very easy to look the other way. But putting a lot of energy into breaking the feeling of being a prisoner is a very cool thing to start being happy once again. There is a magical thing that can begin with the way that a woman has to deal with. It is rare to break all of the barriers that a woman has around her life and live the life that she wants to love in the first place. It is hard to go through the motions like everybody does all of the time. There is never going to be an ending of what needs to be done to please the people around. Recognizing the problems is the only way to break out of prison, which many have outlined in the past and the future.

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