Hazarding a Ride on Seattle’s Dangerous Roads

Seattle Dangerous Roads demand the attention of all who live there and any who dare to visit. Dangerous roads crisscross Seattle to the degree that drivers experience additional alarm at the mere thought of traveling the highways. While many cities feature some daunting stretches of highways,the Emerald City has won prominence for its abundance of treacherous highways and byways. A regulation sign posted within the city succinctly summed up the situation: “Caution,broken road,use at your own risk.”

Seattle Dangerous Roads include such infamous swaths of terrain as Highway 2,Interstate 5,Pike Street,I-90,Aurora Avenue North,and Rainier Avenue South. Rainier,in fact,has frequently claimed the dubious distinction of being the city’s most dangerous road. Known formerly as a state highway,this terrifying passageway surrendered little of its reputation with its downgraded status,according to Seattle .

The newly dubbed avenue made no concessions to speed and encouraged motorists to whiz headlong into danger. This artery hosted an accident-per-day for well over a decade. While recent changes have improved the accident rate,drivers are generally advised to avoid Rainier whenever possible.

Another notorious stretch of highway,20th South between Jackson and Yesler,has carved out its own niche in the Seattle Dangerous Roads category. Drivers and pedestrians voice complaints about the paucity of stop and yield signs that dot the area. With little information available,motorists often encounter uncertainty,which heightens distress and paves the ways to accidents. Those navigating this portal of peril proceed with utmost caution.

Located in the great Northwest,the Jet City endures as one of America’s most beautiful cities. Its natural attributes and technological sophistication attract visitors from around the world. Still,all who come are encouraged to sightsee as pedestrians or join a tour group. In this way,they may appreciate the city and her gifts while limiting exposure to her treacherous trails and roads. Any people who travel this city’s streets must never forget that peril lies just around the bend and danger resides at nearly every turn ( hurt in an auto wreck ).

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